28 Haziran 2015 Pazar


            2nd International Bodrum Biennial will be held in Bodrum, Turkey between 12 September and 12 November 2015. For this exciting and inspiring art event this year total 90 contemporary artists will be participating both national and international that every single artist has individually and artistically independent, unique, and free spirited soul.
            Just two years ago between 02 September and November 2013, there were total 60 artists participated in the 1st Bodrum Art Biennial and the outcome was a real success. Accordingly the Bodrum biennial hosted nearly 62 thousand visitors and art lovers.
            As for the 2nd International Bodrum biennial, this year there is no concrete theme actually, however, artists are expected to generate and express their powerful art works with the concept of tolerance. Therefore, artists are required to write 30-50 words in English in order to represent their intellectual and artistic thoughts on this subject matter.   


             Selected Biennial artists should limit their CVs between 100-150 words both English and Turkish until the 5th of July, 2015. Moreover, participants are expected to send their total 4 (four) most powerful and recent art works for the biennial blog as well as their passport photographs so as to represent them. In this perspective, artwork images should be 300 DPI resolution, JPEG format; and be saved as "Large Size High Quality".  
Artwork of the tag should consist of the name of the work, year, technique, size.  The whole document should be sent as a Word document via e-mail. More importantly, the name of the art works in the word document should be consistent with the name of the artworks’ tags.
Consequently, all artists should send their documents to this e-mail address:

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