10 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi


Architectural structures may seem rigid and immovable and yet when space enclosed within them is used over time periods by different souls: gradually get transformed under the continuous transition and yet remain where they stand un-moved, there for implying that even the rigid geometric creations have a silent perseverance or tolerance to a consistent subjection of internal and external changes that are imposed upon them over the time
My geometric abstractions are manually rendered and each takes lengthy time to form with usage of monochromatic minimal colour mostly black archival ink also to traverse the adherence to minimal tone and yet explore infinite formations reflecting upon inner depth, silent tolerance, forbearance perseverance and immovable structural presence that lasts

                                aviation 1 . 2013 . pen and archival ink on paper . 51 by 63 cm

                               Sheer a square seer a square straighter curvature arc arch parallel  spiral . 2015 .                                                                                              pen and archival ink on paper . 51 by 64 cm

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